Global Partner

About LLAC...

LLAC is an organization that provides an integrated and networked environment where professionals can leverage their strengths and resources to create opportunities in various industries. The diversity of our businesses enables us to explore different knowledge bases and to determine if it can potentially create other successful solutions. We promote ourselves as an extension of our clients’ corporate operations, from business development, product engineering, and supply chain management to distribution in Asia. LLAC also provides networking consulting services and professional management advice.

Fundamentally following our clients’ international strategy, LLAC lays the foundation to incubate an Asian operation where, as it grows, it can eventually operate independently. Thus, LLAC is a surrogate for Asian business operations.

Because of the global pandemic, travel has become more ineffective from reduced flights, quarantine restrictions, and its high costs overall for business travel. Therefore, our global clients utilizes LLAC to support them by acting as a bridge between the client and suppliers. We are best-in-class professionals with years of rapid development due to our flexibility and industry intelligence. Our model is to create true long-term partnerships with those with the right products and solutions.

LLAC team members are both practical and strategic thinkers.


Manufacturing and Operation


• Manufacturing partners qualifications

• Strategic sourcing and cost reductions

• Quality and safety control audits 

• ID design for manufacturing

• EPM product developments

• Program management execution and reporting

• Global certification/regulatory documents  


Business Development Management


• Seek disty/reps for your products and services  

• Engage with Tier 1 clients

• Hire BD staff growing local regional strategies

• Hire FAE for technical support and product demo


• Automotive Components/Modules

• Gaming Accessories

• Mobile Accessories

• Medical Equipment/Technology

• Elderly Care/Quality of Life Platform

• Fitness Solutions

• Smart Textile Applications 

• SAAS enabled Hardware